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Rudyk to show what’s possible with Diabetes on the biggest stage

Vassili Davidenko, TNN General Manager
There’s no better way of celebrating the 100th anniversary from the discovery of insulin than by a world class athlete with type 1 diabetes showing that nothing can hold you back when your dream is as strong as your ability.
Vassili Davidenko, TNN General Manager

Polish track sprinter and Team Novo Nordisk supported athlete Mateusz Rudyk will represent his country at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics this summer, competing in both the Sprint, the Team Sprint and possibly the Keirin.

Rudyk boasts a strong pedigree on the track, a bronze medalist in the sprint at both the 2019 World and European Championships and a gold medal winner in the team sprint at the 2016 European Championships, the Pole currently tops the UCI rankings as the world’s fastest individual sprinter.

After a delay caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, Rudyk officially joined the Team Novo Nordisk family in 2021, becoming the second officially supported track star of the world’s first all diabetes professional cycling team alongside multiple US National Champion Mandy Marquardt.

“As an athlete who competes with type 1 diabetes, joining Team Novo Nordisk was a dream come true for me,” said Rudyk. “I am always proud to represent my country, but I’m also proud to be able to race around the world as an ambassador for all of those whose lives are affected by diabetes and there’s no bigger stage as an elite athlete than the Olympic Games.”

“Participating in the Olympics was my dream since I started playing sports. It is the biggest sporting event in the world, and I am sure that every athlete has dreams of being there and competing.

“My goal to win a medal and at the very least stand on the podium. Ever since I started getting results, I say everywhere I go that I have diabetes and with hard work I have become one of the best cyclists in the world. Now, I want to show that you can enter the biggest competition in the world with diabetes and succeed.”

One twist of fate brought about by the postponement of the Olympics due to COVID-19, is that they now take place in the 100th anniversary year of the discover of insulin and to have the chance to celebrate this on the Olympic stage is something that is not lost on General Manager Vassili Davidenko.

“To have a member of Team Novo Nordisk competing at the Olympics, the biggest sporting event in the world is truly wonderful,” began Davidenko. “It’s something we have been dreaming about and driving towards over the last few years. And not only will Mateusz be competing in Tokyo he will be competing for a medal in multiple events and has a real chance of success.”

“There is no bigger global sporting stage than the Olympics and we will be on that stage to share our message and show the world that diabetes is not an obstacle to achieving your goals. 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, the life saver for everyone affected by diabetes around the world and there’s no better way of celebrating that, than by a world class athlete with type 1 diabetes showing that nothing can hold you back when your dream is as strong as your ability.”

When Rudyk hits the boards there will be an additional 450 million voices cheering him on from around the world and the voices of that unique community maybe just the spur he needs.

“We will all be cheering Mateusz on and supporting him from the side lines,” concluded Davidenko. “The Olympics is such a unique and special experience for a sportsperson, one that fills you with pride to be representing your country alongside the best athletes in the world. But it’s also an experience that you should try and enjoy amidst the focus and the desire to succeed. This is the culmination of years of work and dedication for Mateusz and we can’t wait to see him out there on the boards. Good luck Mateusz!”


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